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 Understanding power, control, abuse and church as a safe place.

Two day UK and international Church as a Refuge online conference with keynote speaker: Dr Diane Langberg and 6 other expert speakers talking about abuses of power, creating safer church cultures and healing trauma.
Hosts: Jacqui Wright & Cliff Turner, Church as a Refuge
Live Event: Friday 25th and Saturday 26th June, 2021

Catch up tickets are now available to purchase, please go to the

schedule on the Events page to see all the talks on the online platform.

Tickets purchasable via credit card (for UK and international payments)

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About Church as a Refuge

Church as a Refuge is a two day international online conference where everyone is welcome. It is especially for church leaders, Christian organisations, Bible college and seminary students, mission boards, therapists, counsellors and safeguarding leads in the UK to better understand power, control and abuse within the church. The aim is for church leaders to create a safe culture and healing environment for abuse survivors and to prevent abuse.

Leadership in the church is a holy trust from the Lord himself, who loves his people. Any power that we have -- at home, in the workplace, in society, or in the church -- is ours only as it is received from God (Larger Catechism 129). That power carries with it unique temptations, alongside unique opportunities to bless others. 

Tragically, many people come to church bearing emotional and spiritual scars from past or present abuse received from those in power over them--parents, spouses, bosses, or church leaders. Physical, verbal, sexual, and emotional abuse is much more common in the church than we would like to think. How do we pastor these people well? And how do we do everything in our power to ensure that our churches are a refuge for those who need “shelter from the storm” (Isaiah 32:2)"

Often church leaders are well meaning but clumsy in their efforts to come alongside vulnerable people, and ill-equipped also to lead abusers to repentance. Sometimes our “care” adds an extra layer of suffering onto already painful circumstances. This conference is for those who earnestly desire to grow in wisdom and insight in these matters, so as more effectively to build up those who have been sinned against, and bind up their wounds.


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