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Two day UK and international Church as a Refuge online conference with keynote speaker Dr Diane Langberg and 6 other expert speakers. Click 'Register Now' to view the Schedule and general information About the Event. Tickets are available on the Register Now page or 'Buy Tickets'.

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Time & Location

25 Jun 2021, 12:30 BST – 26 Jun 2021, 20:30 BST

Church as a Refuge Online Conference

About The Event

Church as a Refuge: Understanding power, control, abuse and church as a safe place.

Two day international Church as a Refuge online conference with keynote speaker Dr Diane Langberg.

Hosts: Jacqui Wright & Cliff Turner, Church as a Refuge 

Date: Friday 25th and Saturday 26th June 2021

Times: Friday 12.30 - 20.30 BST | 07.30 - 15.30 ET / Saturday 12.30 - 20.30 BST | 07.30 - 15.30 ET

Online Conference


To cover the costs of the conference; not for profit.

Non-refundable from 30th April 2021.

Full Price for 2 Day ticket available: £45

It is in UK pounds, and all international currencies will be accepted through making a credit card payment. Your bank will convert the UK  pounds into your own currency.

Ticket holders will receive a link to the online conference. This is to register to access the online platform for viewing the event.

Ticket holders will be able to view recordings made of the talks in the month subsequent to the online conference.

For ticket holders from the orginal May 20 in person conference, that was postponed due to COVID-19, you will have received an email notifying you that your ticket will be honoured for the online June, 21, 2 Day conference. Please contact us if you have any queries 

Schedule for Day One:

12.30 BST Introduction: Jacqui Wright and Cliff Turner

12.40 BST Session 1: Dr Phil Monroe: Addressing church leadership concerns and anxieties

13.40 BST Break - 20 minutes

14.00 BST Session 2: Dr Diane Langberg: Understanding power, control and deception in the church and Christian organisations

15.00 BST Break - 20 minutes

15.20 BST Session 3: Dr Diane Langberg: Understanding abuse in the church and Christian organisations

16.20 BST Break  - 25 minutes

16.45 BST Session 4: Darby Strickland MDiv: Abuse of power and control in Christian families

17.45 - 19.15 BST Break - 1 hr 30 minutes

19.15 BST Session 5: Dr Wade Mullen: Something’s not right: decoding the hidden tactics of abuse

20.15 - 20.30 BST Wrap up of Day One: Jacqui Wright and Cliff Turner

Schedule for Day Two:

12:30 BST Link Day One to Day Two (arrangements for Q&A): Jacqui Wright and Cliff Turner

12:40 BST Session 1: Dr Lisa Oakley: Spiritual abuse in the UK: lessons from research

13:40 - 14:00 BST Break - 20 mins

14:00 - 15:00 BST Session 2: Dr Diane Langberg: Creating safe church culture and the church’s response to abuse

15:00-15:20 BST Break - 20 minutes

15:20 - 16:20 BST Session 3: Mike Sloan MDiv, GRACE: Managing allegations and investigations, and how to change church culture

16:20 - 16:45 BST Break - 25 minutes

16:45 - 17:45 BST Session 4: Dr Heather Evans: Understanding and healing trauma

17:45 - 19:15 Break - 1 hour 30 mins

19:15 - 20:15 BST Session 5: Dr Diane Langberg and most speakers: Panel Discussion Q&A

20:15 - 20:30 BST Closing remarks and next steps: Jacqui Wright and Cliff Turner





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