• Church as a Refuge conference Catch-up ticket
    Wed, 01 Sept
    Online Conference
    Catch-up Ticket for the Church as a Refuge online conference: Understanding abuses of power and control, creating safer church cultures, and healing trauma. Speakers: Dr Diane Langberg, Dr Phil Monroe, Dr Wade Mullen, Dr Lisa Oakley, Dr Heather Evans, Darby Strickland MDiv, and Mike Sloan, MDiv.
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Two day UK and international Church as a Refuge online conference with keynote speaker Dr Diane Langberg and 6 other expert speakers. Click 'Register Now' to view the Schedule and general information About the Event. Tickets are available on the Register Now page or 'Buy Tickets'.
25 Jun, 12:30 BST – 26 Jun, 20:30 BST